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Beyond silence,beyond stigma through empowering single mothers with disabilities to navigate SRHR(SEXUAL REPRODUCTIVE HUMAN RIGHTS) and combat GBV in Rwanda

Our Programmatic Goals for

"Hope" for Single Mothers with Disabilities

Intersectional approach: We ensure that our programs are designed to address the specific needs and challenges of single mothers & girls with disabilities from different backgrounds and identities, such as those facing poverty & those living in rural areas.

Our Organization Development Goal :

Equality Regardless of Identity

Economic Empowerment:

  • Skills training: Equip Single mothers & girls with disabilities with marketable skills and resources to start and sustain businesses, increasing their financial independence.
  • Advocacy for workplace accessibility and inclusion: Campaign for policies and practices that ensure equal employment opportunities and fair treatment for single mothers & girls with disabilities.
  • Accessible childcare and support services: Provide childcare options and support services tailored to the needs of mothers with disabilities, enabling them to participate fully in the workforce.

Social and Legal Support

  • Gender-based violence prevention and intervention programs: Offer tailored support and resources to mothers/girls with disabilities who experience or are at risk of gender-based violence, including legal aid and safe housing options.
  • Mental health and well-being services: Provide accessible mental health services and support groups to address the unique challenges faced by single mothers/girls with disabilities, promoting emotional well-being and resilience.
  • Community outreach and sensitization: Raise awareness about the specific needs and challenges of single mothers/girls with disabilities, fostering inclusivity and acceptance within communities.
Our Organization Development Goal 2:

Inclusion, Justice, and Human Rights

Challenging Discriminatory Policies and Practices

  • Advocate for policies and legislation that address systemic discrimination against mothers/girls with disabilities, ensuring equal access to healthcare and social services.
  • Build Network to amplify their voices and advocate for inclusive development policies.
  • Build capacity within communities to challenge discriminatory norms and practices that disadvantage single mothers/girls with disabilities.

Promoting Access to Justice and Accountability

  • Provide legal literacy training and support to empower single mothers & girls with disabilities to understand their rights and seek legal recourse when they are violated.
  • Advocate for accessible justice systems that are responsive to the specific needs of mothers/girls with disabilities.
  • Hold perpetrators of violence and discrimination accountable through legal action and community awareness campaigns.
Our Organization Development Goal 3:

Feminist Standards as the Norm

Leadership Development and Capacity Building

  • Train and empower mothers/girls with disabilities to become leaders within their communities and advocate for their own rights and the rights of others.
  • Support mothers/girls with disabilities to participate in decision-making processes at all levels, including government and civil society organizations.
  • Promote feminist leadership models that challenge traditional power structures and advocate for gender equality and inclusion

Building Solidarity and Collective Action

  • Facilitate the creation of support networks and peer-to-peer learning opportunities for mothers/girls with disabilities to share experiences and resources.
  • Organize collective action campaigns to address specific challenges faced by mothers/girls with disabilities and advocate for systemic change.
  • Build alliances with other feminist organizations and movements to amplify the voices of mothers with disabilities and advocate for a more just and equitable society.


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