Feminist Leadership Program

Breaking barriers, building communities

The Problem

Single mothers & girls with disabilities are often underrepresented in leadership positions and their voices are rarely heard in decision-making processes.

Our Interventions:

Implement leadership training programs specifically designed for single mothers & girls with disabilities to build their confidence, public speaking skills, and advocacy skills.

Create platforms for single mothers & girls with disabilities to share their experiences and perspectives with policymakers, community leaders, and the public.

Support the formation of single mothers & girls with disabilities-led advocacy groups to influence policy and decision-making processes.


Single mothers & girls with disabilities become active agents of change, advocating for their own rights and the rights of others with disabilities, contributing to a more inclusive and feminist society.



email us : info@hsmdhopes.org

Tel: +250788848044

Location: Kigali-Rwanda


Your donation will help us empower teen mothers and women with disabilities in Rwanda.

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