Gender-Based Violence (GBV)

Breaking barriers, building communities

The Problem

Single Mothers & girls with disabilities are disproportionately vulnerable to GBV due to social isolation, dependence on others, and limited access to support systems.

Our Interventions

Conduct GBV awareness training for communities and families, emphasizing the specific vulnerabilities of mothers with disabilities.

Provide legal and psychosocial support to survivors of GBV with disabilities.

Establish safe havens and shelters accessible to mothers with disabilities escaping violence.

Advocate for stricter penalties for GBV perpetrators and improved access to justice for survivors.


Reduced prevalence of GBV against single mothers & girls with disabilities, increased awareness and reporting of violence, and enhanced access to support and justice for survivors.



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Tel: +250788848044

Location: Kigali-Rwanda


Your donation will help us empower teen mothers and women with disabilities in Rwanda.

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