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Living life as a single mother and most especially single mothers with disability in this modern era is challenging. Single mother holds multiple roles and responsibilities. Apart from being the sole breadwinner of the family, she is also obliged to attend to her children’s welfare and well-being.

Despite the government doing different things to help them, there are still numerous cases on poverty, socio economic, emotional and psychological issues among single mothers most especially those with disabilities. It is our social duty to reach out to this susceptible group and help them to try to evade the normal stigma from the society. This particular group does not only need financial and emotional assistance, but they need to be respected, recognized and empowered.

About Us

  • HSMD established in the year of 2018, with a mission to: Train, develop and capacitate single mothers with disabilities and vulnerable single mothers to sustainably develop them for a hopeful and stable future. Our Vision founded a core of beliefs to:

  • Encourage: To inspire with courage and confidence.

  • Capacitate: To train and develop single mothers especially those with disabilities.

  • Teach: To impact knowledge and skills to help them learn as by example.

  • Help: To provide necessary resources to accomplish a task or satisfy a need

  • Equip: To Prepare intellectually.

  • Restore: To have their hope restored.

Single-mothers’ families are particularly almost but not all a vulnerable group. Almost fifty per cent of single mothers with dependent children are at risk for poverty or social exclusion. Some even consider single mother’s families as a euphemism for problem families and there is still a rise in the number of single mother household. The stigma still persists and mother households are still often considered underclass, broken and deviant, holding a double role to run a family and being the primary source of financial contributor is uneasy task; numerous cases of depression convey the message of the great impact being a solo mother with disability in the family.

Because of the poverty in vulnerable single mothers and girls most especially single mothers with disabilities, some single mother acquires housing facility. Singles in these circumstances may face social safety net issues in their senior years because they cannot own a home without first securing a bank loan. Emotional psychological assistance, feeding and school fees for their children, they need skills development, capacity building and financial support for these single mother’s startups.

Our Team


Chaiperson Hsmd Hopes

Chairperson of HSMD with experience of eleven years (11) in Airline Industry, having Certified from Airport Operations, Ground Handling, Customer Care, Accounting, Sales & Ticketing, Marketing. And with International Relations knowledge ; hold a Bachelor degree in Business Administration & Finance and an A2 level Certificate in secretariate. She has passion in social development and disability inclusion.

Ms. Ninshaba Monica

Hsmd Hopes, Treasurer

Board member in charge of finance, she holds Bachelor’s degree in business administration with option in accountancy, she works with Get it Rwanda as Accountant. She has passion in disability inclusion and financial inclusion.

Ms. Tumwine Winnie

Executive Secretary

She holds bachelor’s degree in Business administrations option in marketing from university of Rwanda. she holds post graduate certificate in monitoring and evaluation from Makerere university in Uganda. She works with hope for teen mothers and girls with disability in Rwanda focus on programs, management, Disability mainstreaming. She holds several leadership positions in the inclusion of persons with disability.



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